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The New Better Way To Clean Carpets!

Our #1 mission is to provide an eco-friendly, safe carpet cleaning that will leave your home looking and feeling fresh, clean and healthy. Our goal at Dream Cleaning Service is to provide the best carpet cleaning ever and an exceptional service experience.

The carpeting in your home or office adds a special touch to each room. The foot traffic that each room receives can quickly cause the carpeting to lose its luster and look dirty. Our cleaning process can give back the color and freshness it once had when it was new.

No More Sticky Carpets!
We always assure your 100% satisfaction… We Guarantee It!

When a sticky residue is left after cleaning, it becomes a magnet for dirt. Our cleaning products do not remain in the carpet fibers after we have finished cleaning your carpet. This ensures that your flooring will look cleaner and stay that way. Our technicians will do a thorough check to determine exactly what products are needed to bring your carpets back to life.

The investment you have made in the carpeting for your office or home should not be trusted to a fly-by-night company that does not use trained technicians. One slip and a whole room can be ruined by a rookie. You want a company that has the specialized tools and equipment that are specifically created to carefully and effectively clean your expensive investment. Makeshift equipment is a recipe for disaster where your carpets are concerned.

Let Experts Handle Your Home/Office Carpets

Our deep cleaning dry organic carpet cleaning service is incredibly effective and very affordable. That’s why so many our loyal clients – residential and commercial – use us exclusively for their carpet cleaning needs.

Let our specialists examine the type of carpeting you have to determine the exact cleaning process it needs. We will show you how much life is still left in your carpet and when we have finished, you will once again be proud to have visitors, family or clients walk into your home or office.

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